As I (Simone) started with the my company Tjalda, I was not even able to imagine, where this would be all leading to

About Tjalda

Behind Tjalda there is much more…

More than a halter.
More than just handmade.
More than being trendy.
More than beautiful designs.
More than high quality products.
More, than you even can image.

Our horses inspire us each day. They make us laugh, bring us up again when we are down, they comfort and ground us. They simply enrich our life. They are soulmates, companions and so much more than this.

Each of us has an individual and unique connection to her / his horse.

Me for example, I have lost my heart in a whole herd of icelandic horses.

Whenever I feel to leave the urban jungle, I jump into my car and drive to the icelandic horse herd. I lay down in the high grass and just enjoy the moment. In these moments of having left everyhing behind me I spend my time just watching the horses, their individual characters, how each horse is so different from another. And though the herd as such is so deeply connected.

In these moments of simply being myself I find my good ideas for the designs.

A Tjalda design is so much more than just an idea.

After I have a rough picture of the idea in my head, I mostly pass it on to Christine. She is a drawer and artist and is drawing the design as soon as rough scribbles and inspirations are put together. The drawings that are really little pieces of art, will then be passed on to Eva. She digitalizes, works out the details and defines colours. After that it goes out for weaving to Portugal. As soon as I have the woven ribbon in my hands I again have a very sharp eye on it, and if everything is as wanted, it goes directly out to the Tjalda sewery.

In the sewery from Irene and Kathy the ribbon is matched against our different nylon and neoprene colours, and the process continues with lots of passion. Andrea, is designing and weaving your ropes and even decorates each one with a little „friendship heart“. Really similar as we learn it from a horse herd everbody is working together – each of us with her own character and abilities.

Still not done! Shootings need to be made, some marketing and the onlineshop needs to be updated. When my head is buzzing I go back into the herd, lay down in the grass, close my eyes again and free my mind before I have new ideas for the next design.

Lopa Love is refers to the origin of the icelandic horse, Germany meets Iceland is dedicated to the their community and within the design dancing along with horses we do not work with our horses- no! We dance with them! The power of the herd design is showing the big whole, the connection between the horses and the natural elements, sky and earth and the uniqueness of each single animal. Though, they are so different from each other they are so strongly connected-  probably, that`s why.

I feel

I am not sending out questionnaires to find out which topic would be suitable for a new design.
I feel very deeply in my heart and soul, the horses souls` and other human beings, and whatever situation is just right now. I feel origin, connection, freedom and our common ground and so much more than this.

Meanwhile you can find these thoughts and feelings not only within the Tjalda designs, also, I use my skills in order to connect you with your horse.

Begegne Dir Selber über Dein Pferd

Let your horse guide and ecourage you to find out about your origin and encourage you to follow your heart.

Let your horse suprise you!

You would like to have more information about finding deep connection to your horse?
Please write to me via the contact form.

Text: Eva Frischling

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